Get your ticket!

Tickets with impact.


A different kind of program, a different kind of ticket.

This year, you have the choice of a simple admission ticket or an impact pack ticket. All tickets will give you access to all open session of the program.

The impact tickets have an extra: choose one of the impact packs from either i-did, Naif, de Prael, Seepje or Verum.
Find out what the impact packages contain below!

All tickets are priced the same. The impact packs will be delivered in the days around ImpactFest.

Impact pack i-did

Always wanted a laptop sleeve made from recycled felt? Get yours with your ImpactFest 2020 ticket. This laptop sleeve (13 & 15 inch) is made from the old uniforms of ABN AMRO employees.

Sizing info 13 inch.
Sizing info 15 inch.

About i-did
i-did believes in social entrepreneurship and products made from recycled materials. i-did guides people to work by means of coaching and making sustainable design products in our workshops.

Impact pack Naïf

A natural, nourishing day cream with no chemical mess in your daily beauty routine will do wonders for any skin. The Naïf Nurturing Day Cream is rich in antioxidants and protects against environmental damage with a natural SPF6 derived from tomato extract. Natural avocado and almond oils, blended with linseed oil, keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

About Naïf Natural Skincare:
At Naïf Natural Skincare we make great products that are kind for every body and nature. Every day, we are the most natural in everything we say and do. With natural ingredients, natural packaging, natural looks…

Impact pack Verum

The Verum Energize consists of various herbs and plant extracts. With the delicious taste of pure cocoa, coffee and ginger, Verum is coffee of the future. Without the dependence on caffeine, Verum creates extra energy, concentration and enhanced memory.

About Verum Drinks:
Verum dreams of a world where no one is dependent on caffeine anymore. With powerful plant extracts, the Verum coffee alternative creates the same effects as coffee without the dependence on caffeine.

Impact pack Seepje

This Seepje impact package contains a liquid laundry detergent ‘Freshly pressed spring scent’ for colored laundry and a 100% natural and pH skin neutral hand. Based on the best natural ingredients, such as the Sapindus mukorossi fruit, which contains a natural form of soap. This way, we ensure nature conservation and create better living and working conditions for our peel farmers. And in the Netherlands, the guys from our sheltered workshop enjoy working for Seepje.

About Seepje:
Seepje makes washing and cleaning products based on the best ingredients from nature. Good for you, the environment and everyone involved.

Impact pack de Prael

Would you like to enjoy a tasty craft beer after connecting and being inspired at ImpactFest? The impact pack from de Prael contains 4 delicious beers.

About de Prael
De Prael is a brewery, tasting room, restaurant and social enterprise that offers serious work to people at a distance from the labor market. The people who work at De Prael regain the feeling of participating in society, enjoy their work and are engaged in a process that contributes to their personal development.