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ImpactFest Program

Check the schedule here:

These are the session types:

Reverse pitching
  • Investors pitch what they have to offer and what they are looking for. Today, the roles are reversed!
Talk show
  • Listen to the latest developments on trends and innovations with experts on the different ImpactFest themes.
Table talk
  • Engage into a 45-minute conversation on a specific topic with 4 to 8 guests. Unleash the wisdom of the crowd!
  • This 90-minute session is hosted by two specialists. They dive into the most pressing issues and latest trends.

The main themes in the ImpactFest program are:

Circular Economy
  • Redefine value chains and resource management to foster a regenerative economic model.
Food Systems
  • We need lasting, affordable and trustworthy food systems. From production to consumption.
Impact Cities & Regions
  • How to build ecosystems to enhance innovativeness, sustainability and inclusion.
Energy Transition
  • The move towards renewable energy sources to minimise environmental impacts.
Peace & Climate Justice
  • Explore the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability and social stability.