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The Hague

Welcome to the city of peace and justice

The Hague is widely known as the International City of Peace and Justice. It is also the second largest UN city and is home to the Dutch Royal Family, the Parliament, and to numerous international companies. The Dutch government has a pro-business attitude and the local authorities are equally committed to sustaining and promoting a strong private sector. The transparency, fairness, and effectiveness of the country is acknowledged worldwide.

The Hague offers a unique and refreshing diversity which contrasts modern architecture and renowned historic sites, a dynamic business environment and a vibrant beach life, passionate innovation and intriguing cultural heritage. The Hague has something for everyone, whether they live, work or are here on a visit.

Discover The Hague

There is plenty to do in The Hague! Whether you want to do something fun on the beach or visit a museum in the city center, The Hague has it all.

With a coastline that stretches no less than 11 km, wide sandy beaches, beautiful dune areas and many large parks, The Hague literally offers you a sea of space all year round. You can get to the beach from the city centre within 15 minutes. The Hague stands for space, green and a high-quality selection of art and culture. The Hague’s museums feature masterpieces you can’t see anywhere else.

ImpactFest: why The Hague?

The Hague is host of ImpactFest – and that’s for a good reason: The Hague is the city that actively works to make a positive impact on the world.

ImpactCity The Hague has a leading ecosystem for entrepreneurs and market leaders that combine doing good and doing business. The city has become a haven for impact entrepreneurs, NGO’s and investors from around the world. In the Hague, entrepreneurs that work on innovations to create a better world, will find strong support and an ideal network to help them achieve their goals.

The venue: Fokker Terminal

The venue for ImpactFest is Fokker Terminal. This Co2-neutral venue, is an unique former aircraft hangar located in the Binckhorst. Binckhorst is a trendy urban area in development and home to over 200 creative and innovative businesses, bringing together “doing good and doing business”.

Where to stay?

The Hague has plenty of space. From affordable overnight stays to luxurious comfort, from city to beach and from boutique to large hotels. Experience a night, weekend or even a week away in hotels that offer you the space to relax and enjoy. Discover the selection of hotels we have made for you and find the best options for a stay in The Hague.