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ImpactFest Themes

Our societal and environmental transitions are crossing continents, affecting us all on this planet. People from different corners of society are looking for ways to create solutions and accelerate these transitions. Each providing their unique perspective and input, we need these synergies and different views to together build a sustainable life on this planet.

This year, we’re focusing on five transitional themes uniting different perspectives:

Circular Economy

Redefine value chains and resource management through the principles of the R-ladder to foster a regenerative economic model. Explore how circular approaches can lead to sustainable industrial practices and economic growth. Key topics include urban mining, PaaS, CSRD, repair shops, Product Material Passports, and more.

Food Systems

We need lasting, affordable and trustworthy food systems. From production to packaging, transportation and consumption. Key topics include biodiversity, precision agriculture, food security, alternative protein sources, GMO, and more.

Impact Cities & Regions

Investigate the importance of connectivity and building public-private partnerships and ecosystems to enhance innovativeness, sustainability and inclusion and create resilient and equitable communities. Examine how policy, technology, and community involvement can create environmentally sound and socially inclusive spaces. Key topics include smart cities, inclusive growth, public-private partnerships, and more.

Energy Transition

Explore how we are moving away from traditional fossil fuels towards renewable and sustainable energy sources to minimise environmental impacts and improve economic resilience. Key topics include innovations related to solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power, grid congestion and equitable access to clean energy technologies.

Peace & Climate Justice

Explore the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability and social stability. How to ensure that all communities can thrive despite climate challenges? Key topics are community engagement, vulnerable and marginalised populations, climate-induced resource scarcity, conflict resolution, and more.