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ImpactFest 2022 was about creating the future of impact. Together, we worked on solutions that the world needs now. We focused on four important themes in which we need to accelerate the transition in order to achieve the 2030-sustainable development goals:

Circular economy

Resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the government has set the ambition to become 50% circular by 2030. We need to adopt systems thinking and close loops to retain as much value as possible.

Food transition

We need a sustainable, affordable, trustworthy and high-quality food system to feed 8.5 billion people by 2030. What if less food is lost, natural resources are conserved, soil ecology and biodiversity are strengthened and everyone has access to enough and healthy food?

Energy transition

Energy drives our daily lives. Geothermal-, wind-, water- and solar energy are the driving forces to move away from fossil fuels towards zero-carbon. We need to use our resources efficiently.

Climate adaptation

Average global temperatures are rising due to the continuing rise of greenhouse gases. Heatwaves, droughts or floods, to coastal erosion from rising sea levels, the impacts will affect everyone. We need to take action to prepare for and adjust to both the current effects of climate change the predicted impacts in the future.