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Announce your news at ImpactFest

Reach 2,000 impact makers with your announcement!

Are you an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea or an innovative product, and are you about to announce something new? Then sign up to launch your new product, share test results, release a prototype or showcase any other news at the Launch Lounge at ImpactFest 2023. This is your chance to reach impact makers from all over Europe!

At this eighth edition of ImpactFest, we offer a select number of entrepreneurs the opportunity to announce their news to an audience of 2,000 impact makers.

Why participate?
  • Visibility: You will be able to present your news to all the ImpactFest attendees.
  • Networking opportunities: You will be in touch with entrepreneurs and potential investors. This offers opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and growth.
  • Feedback: You get the chance to receive feedback from experts from different sectors.
Sign up

The registration deadline is expired.

Join ImpactFest to witness the news presented by the selected entrepreneurs!