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ImpactFest 2022 was hosted by Ikenna Azuike. Ikenna is well known for presenting the satirical and pop-culture show ‘Whats up Africa’ for BBC World News TV and documentary series for BNN VARA and VPRO.

Ikenna is also an in demand host: he’s hosted events as diverse as the World Circular Economic Forum and the Climate Adaptation Summit for the Dutch Foreign Ministry to What Design Can Do, Tony’s Chocolonely Annual Fair and the Tech for Democracy Conference in Copenhagen for the Danish Foreign Ministry. Ikenna has a strong focus on sustainability, social justice, human rights and democracy.

Keynote speaker

Werner Schouten opened ImpactFest 2022 as a keynote speaker. Werner is known as the presenter of BNR Koplopers, a weekly radio show in which he talks with business constructive rebels challenging the status quo on sustainability.

Werner is also chairman of the Impact Economy Foundation. This foundation contributes in many ways to an economy in which we dedicate work, talent, innovation and entrepreneurship to the major challenges of our time.

Speakers and hosts

ImpactFest has a varied programme with many different meetups, round tables and talk shows. All these sessions are hosted by specialists on one of ImpactFest’s four themes. You can meet them here!