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Discover the tracks that are the core of ImpactFest 2021 and what partners will share their knowledge on these tracks.


Innovation is a driving factor to insure food security across the world. As the second biggest food exporter of the world, the Netherlands holds a very valuable position in the global food chain. A big reason behind this is the innovative solutions and effective use of resources.

Connect with food innovators and collaborator such as HortiHeroes and World Horti Center, and discover what can opportunities there are to make a real difference.

New Energy

Energy drives our daily lives. Geothermal-, wind-, water- and solar energy are the driving forces to move away from fossil fuels .

Be sure to join sessions on this topic like the TNO meetup Business with innovation for geothermal energy, and meet energy impact makers and organizations such as the International Geothermal Association, Dutch Marine Energy Centre at ImpactFest 2021.


Life below and above water are intertwined in more ways than we can grasp. The awareness around the importance but also the opportunities are becoming more apparent every day and have resulted in the rise of what is called the Blue Economy.

At ImpactFest 2021, you will be able to join sessions such as those of the Netherlands Water Partnership.

Humanitarian innovation

Innovative solutions can be the difference between safety and danger, access to a better future for refugees, equal opportunities in education, healthcare and so much more.

At ImpactFest 2021 you will be able to take part in sessions such as the meetup ‘If you are not doing good, what are you doing in business?‘ by the Hague Humanity Hub and roundabouts such as ‘Purpose driven organizations: how do you measure your success?‘ by the Alternatives Factory.

Impact Investing

The biggest idea’s don’t become a reality without support. Financial resources play an important part in scaling innovations and increasing the reach and impact.

At ImpactFest you will be able to learn more about the different types of funding, join meetups around investors such as ‘How to find the right impact investor‘ with World Startup or learn more about the different impact investing funds at the Reversed pitching, where investors will pitch before startups. Investors such as the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, 4impact, Stichting DOEN, Rabobank, Village Capital, WeShare Ventures and more will be joining and are looking forward to meeting you!


Our climate makes the world we live in possible. From the winds that blow across the world, the warmth and cold they bring to the seasonal changes.

The climate is changing and these changes impact the way we will live our lives in the future. The time to act, innovate, change the way we go about business is now, to insure we will have a sustainable planet to live on!