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Speakers & hosts

Moderator: Sofie van den Enk

ImpactFest 2023 will be hosted by Sofie van den Enk. She is a journalist, author and presenter. Sofie is well known for presenting Keuringsdienst van Waarde, a critical TV-programme for KRO-NCRV that provides insight into the production of food and other consumer products. She is also an ambassador for Edukans. Sofie van den Enk regularly chairs events in the field of sustainability or social impact. She tries to live a conscious, non wasteful life and finds it encouraging and inspirational to hosts events that talk about impact themes on a larger scale.

Opening speaker: Jasmine Anouna

Jasmine Anouna is the opening speaker of ImpactFest 2023. Jasmine is the Founder of The Bloom, the largest newsletter in the world for social impact professionals, rooted in diversity. As an Italian-Egyptian-American feminist and social entrepreneur, she’s driven by a passion for deep listening and building bridges across ideas, people, and cultures.

For Jasmine’s focus on diversity and intersectionality in social impact, she was officially welcomed to the prestigious Sustainable Development Goals Goalkeepers community of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2022, and is the winner of the Gates Foundation accelerator for the Global Goals to create a podcast “Their Secret Sauce” interviewing the most powerful women in the world across social impact on their journeys to power.

Confirmed speakers & hosts

ImpactFest 2023 has a varied programme with many different meetups, round tables and talk shows. All these sessions are hosted by specialists on one of ImpactFest’s main themes. You can meet them here!