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ImpactFest 2022 took place in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. The programme consisted of several elements, all designed to link up to share knowledge and experience, conclude deals, and be inspired.

The 7th ImpactFest edition was about creating the future of impact. We focused on four critical themes in which we need to accelerate the transition in order to achieve the 2030-sustainable development goals: food transition, energy transition, circular economy, and climate adaptation.

Session info

  • A Roundabout is a 45 minute dialogue with the purpose of engaging in a discussion on specific topics under the table hosts’ expertise or interest with 4 to 8 guests.
  • A Meetup session is hosted by two or more specialists. They take a deep dive in one of the main themes: climate adaptation, circular economy, food transition and energy transition.
Talk show
  • Dive into the newest trends in innovation, explained by the experts on stage. They explain and discuss the main trends and innovations on one of the ImpactFest themes.
Reverse pitching
  • Investors that are looking for impactful solutions, pitch a business plan or concept to the entrepreneurs attending ImpactFest. Today, the roles are reversed!
Innofest Test Lab
  • The Innofest Test Lab will provide test opportunities for three sustainable entrepreneurs. They will test their innovation in a real life setting.
Get in the Ring – Global Final
  • The Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition is concluding the annual Global Meetup with the legendary Get in the Ring style startup pitch battle the ‘Global Final’.